$1700+$1600 Raise for GIS & OAS Payment 2024: Know Eligibility, Facts & Amount

GIS and OAS are part of the monthly public pension plan. The prime Minister of Canada notified about the increase in the payment amount of OAS and GIS. This increase of $1700 and $1600 is designed for the seniors who face the financial challenges in their last stage. Now the senior citizens will feel security and can enjoy life without financial stress. This increase is not notified on the official webpage of service canada. Then, How can we expect this news to be true? Let’s check the facts about the $1700 + $1600 Raise for GIS & OAS Payment 2024. Also let’s focus on the $1700 + $1600 GIS, OAS Eligibility 2024, payment date and Payment amount.

$1700 + $1600 Raise for GIS & OAS Payment 2024

$1700 + $1600 Raise for GIS & OAS Payment 2024

OAS and GIS are the public pension benefits which are provided to the aged individuals. These are the monthly benefits which assist the old age citizens to fulfil their financial needs or wants. There is a word of mouth about the boost in GIS/OAS Payment Amount 2024 of $1700 and $1600. Will this word of mouth be possible? Can the Government provide the raise doubled than the regular OAS and GIS payments? 

Canada OAS/GIS Payment Schedule 2024- Overview

Title$1700 + $1600 Raise for GIS & OAS Payment 2024
AgencyCanada Revenue Agency
Benefits NameOld Age Security Pension and Guaranteed Income Supplement.
PurposeFinancial Support
$1700 + $1600 GIS, OAS Eligibility 2024Old or Retired citizens 
Boost GIS Payment Amount 2024$1700
Boost OAS Payment Amount 2024$1600
$1700 + $1600 GIS/OAS Payment Date 2024 June 2024 (Expected)
CategoryFinancial Aid
Official webpagecanada.ca

Check your Eligibility for GIS and OAS Payment 2024

$1700 + $1600 GIS, OAS Eligibility 2024 is not shared or notified on the official sources. Then, How can we know who will be Qualified? The increased qualification criteria can be similar to the qualification criteria for regular OAS and GIS payments. This criteria can be suited for the increased payment of OAS and GIS. Let’s see the suitability of the candidate for GIS and OAS 2024 in the table below:

Benefit Name$1700 + $1600 GIS, OAS Eligibility 2024
Old Age Security PensionThe essential age of 65 years or more is must.Canadian Citizenship is essential when OAS is approved.The essential time period from the age of 18 years to live in Canada is 10 years.If the applicant is currently  not in Canada, then the essential time period from the age of 18 years to live in Canada is 20 years.If the applicant citizen is currently not in Canada the Canadian Citizenship is essential when leaving Canada.
Guaranteed Income SupplementThe essential age of 65 years or more is must.Canadian Citizenship is essential.The citizens who are applying should get the regular Old age security pension.The limit for Income is prescribed for the single, Married, widow, divorced or common law partner. The limit for Income is provided below:
Status of CitizenOAS recipientLimit for IncomeSingle, Widow, Divorced-$21,624Married or Common law partnerFull OAS recipient$28,560Married or Common law partnerNot OAS recipient$51,840Married or Common law partnerReceive Allowance$39,984

Raised Amount for GIS & OAS 2024

GIS/OAS Payment Amount 2024 is raised to $1700 and $1600 respectively. But there is no official communication regarding this amount. The regular OAS payment is $713.34 and $784.67 based on the age of the retired citizen. Do you think the Government will provide the double amount of regular OAS for the increase? And the regular amount of the GIS is $641.35  and $1065.47 based on the limit for the Income. What do you say about the $1700 for GIS? We can’t confirm the amount of $1700 and $1600 for GIS and OAS as it is not officially committed. For the verified information and amount visit the service canada webpage.

Know Payment Date for Guaranteed Income Supplement and Old Age Security Increase 2024

$1700 and $1600 raise for GIS and OAS is not accessible on the official web portal. The dates for the payment are not confirmed. We can assume the $1700 + $1600 GIS/OAS Payment Date 2024 are as per the regular OAS and GIS Schedule 2024. Let’s see the regular Payment dates for GIS and OAS 2024:

Month for the Payment$1700 + $1600 GIS/OAS Payment Date 2024 

$1700 + $1600 Raise for GIS & OAS Payment 2024 – Fact Check

As per the reports and news, the increase of $1700 and $1600 for GIS and OAS becomes word of mouth. What do you feel about the truthfulness of this word of mouth? Will the Government really provide the doubled amount of boost? On the official webportal  there is no notification released. We should only rely on the official sources and webpages for payment benefits. We don’t confirm this $1700 and $1600 amount as an increase for GIS and OAS as we only communicate the official notifications to you. 

FAQ Related To $1700 + $1600 Raise for GIS & OAS Payment 2024

How can we verify the $1700 and $1600 increase for GIS and OAS?

The official notifications are released by the service canada for any increase or change. Viewers are always advised or suggested to visit the official webpage.

What are the ways to speak with the service Canada office?

With the help of an official web portal you can contact service Canada. For your reference helpline numbers are 1-800-277-9914 or 1-800-255-4786. These helpline numbers are available from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm from Monday to Friday.

What is the raised GIS/OAS Payment Amount 2024?

The raised payment amount for GIS/OAS 2024 is $1700 and $1600 respectively.

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