$3,173 Canada CDC 2024 Payment Dates, Know Eligibility & Amount

The Canada Revenue Agency recently announced the release of the $3,173 Canada Child Disability Credit 2024. The Canadian Government has enacted this scheme to provide tax relief to the low income families who are taking care of disabled children. The taxpayer must be eligible for disability tax credit. The department will release $3,173 annually which will be divided into 12 months and the eligible families will receive 264.41 dollars every month. The amount credited in your account is tax free. Only the child below 18 years is eligible for the $3,173 Canada CDC 2024. The CRA published the calendar to release the amount and which will be directly credited to the qualifiers account. For more updates you can follow the official link canada.ca.

$3,173 Canada CDC 2024

As the inflation rate is increasing and it is difficult for the low income or no income citizen to bear the day to day expenses and moreover to take care of a child with permanent ailment. The medical expenses of disabled child are so high, sometimes one parent needs to leave the job to take care of the child. So the Canadian Government decided to provide financial aid to the citizens in the form of tax credits. Only the eligible resides will get the monthly amount $ 264.41 credited in their accounts on a specific date. The taxpayer and non taxpayer both can claim the $3,173 Canada CDC 2024. If both the parents are filing tax returns separately then only one can claim the $3173 Canada Child Disability Credit Benefit April 2024. 

Overview – canada.ca $3,173 Child Disability Credit 2024

Details AboutCanada Child Disability Credit 2024
DepartmentsCanada Revenue Agency
Controlled byCanadian Government
Benefit $3,173 Canada CDC Benefit 2024To the families with disabled children
Age CriteriaNot above 18 years
Amount FrequencyMonthly 
Monthly amount$264.41
CategoryFinance Aid
Official websitecanada.ca
$3,173 Canada CDC 2024

Benefits of $3,173 Canada CDC 2024

It is very difficult to afford the medical expenses with low income and maintain the family. With the rise of inflation the expenses are also increasing. There are alot of expenses incurred if the child is suffering from impairment.  

  • The parents can pay the medical bills with the tax credit 
  • They can hire medical support if a child needs extra care.
  • Families can bear day to day medical expenses like buying any equipment needed for disabled child.
  • The parents can use $3,173 credit amount to buy a nutritional diet for the disabled child.
  • The amount credited to the account is tax free. 

Who can claim the canada.ca $3,173 Child Disability Credit 2024?

The families must know the eligibility criteria as mentioned by CRA to claim $3,173 

  1.  You must be canadian citizen
  2. The claimants child or children must be below 18 years
  3. The taxpayer’s child  is eligible for the disability tax credit
  4. You are receiving the $3,173 Canada CDC Benefit 2024.

$3,173 Canada CDC Payment Date 2024

The Disability Child Credit is a monthly payment provided by the Canadian government for the financial support to the families with the child/ children who are suffering from permanent disability physically or mentally. Following table will show the monthly schedule of payments.

Month$3,173 Canada CDC Payment Date 2024
January 202419th, Friday
February 202420th, Tuesday
March 202420th, wednesday 
April 202419th,friday
May 202417th, friday
June 202420th, thursday
July 202419th, friday
August 202420th, tuesday
September 202420th, Friday
October 202418th, Friday
November 202420th, Wednesday
December 202413th, Friday

How to check the $3,173 Canada Child Disability Credit 2024?

 One can claim the by following below mentioned steps

  • Step 1: login to the official webportal canada.ca
  • Step 2: Then by using your ID and password
  • Step 3 : click on $3,173 Canada Child Disability Credit 2024.
  • On the new page your status of disability child credit will be shown on the screen
  • Do save $3,173 Canada CDC Amount Receipt 2024.

FAQs on $3,173 Canada CDC 2024

 How has the CRA been scheduled to dispense the amount?

The CRA will dispense the CDC on monthly mode. And it will be directly credited to the claimants account.

Is the $3,173 Canada CDC 2024 amount tax free ?

Yes , the amount credited by the Canada Revenue Agency under the CDS is tax free.

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